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28 November, 2015
Parham Road Park 'N Ride, 8525 Fordson Rd Richmond, Va Join us

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Cancellation Policy

A refund will be given if a reservation is cancelled more than 72 hours before
the trip and only if the reservation was paid for using PayPal (not by check).

Miscellaneous Information

  • NO REAL TICKETS ARE SHIPPED. Your name is simply added to a list.
  • Cost covers bus trip, cups, ice and soft drinks only. It does NOT include game ticket!
  • Buses will depart from the Parham Road Park & Ride located at the corner of Fordson Road and Parham Road (1 block south of I-64 Exit 181).
  • Buses will load 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • The Richmond Hokie Club reserves the right to cancel if less than 40 people have PAID reservations.
  • All times are subject to change. Check HokieSports.com for the official game times.
  • If you want to be be grouped with other passengers, please let us know in advance of the trip. Otherwise, you might be placed on a different bus.
  • Please write your name on your coolers and other items you plan on bringing with you. It will help in returning items left on the bus.
  • If you decide to cancel your reservation, please notify us as soon as possible. We usually have a waiting list. This will allow us time to contact the people on the list that some seats are available.

Pay by credit card using form above or by check using this form.

Call or e-mail us if you mail the form.
We’ve had problems with the mail not being delivered.
That way we can add you to the list of passengers before a trip sells out.

Make checks payable to:
Richmond Hokie Club

and mail to:

Richmond Hokie Club
2215 Grainmill Court
Richmond, Va. 23233-2744

For additional information:
Send questions via e-mail to:
HokieBus@comcast.net (new e-mail)
– or –
Call: David or Ruth (804-270-7211)


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: When does the bus leave after the game?
    Answer:The bus leaves as soon as all passengers have boarded. We ask that passengers return to the bus immediately after the game.

  2. Question: Can I bring a cooler?
    Answer: Yes. We recommend a small cooler that will fit under the seat for the trip and a larger one that is
    kept under the bus in the luggage area. Use that cooler to restock small cooler.

  3. Question: When do we get on the bus?
    Answer: We prefer that you get *IN* the bus, not on the bus. Seriously, we start loading 30 minutes before departure

  4. Question: What is the refund policy?
    Answer: A refund will be given if a reservation is cancelled more than 72 hours before the trip and only if the
    reservation was paid for using PayPal (not by check).

  5. Question: Can we bring food as well as alcoholic beverages?
    Answer: Yes.

  6. Question: Is there time to tailgate a bit before the game starts?
    Answer: Yes, we try to be at the destination about 2 hours prior to kick-off.

  7. Question: Once I send in the checks, do we get tickets for the bus or just on a list?
    Answer: We don’t issue tickets because you might not get them in time.
    Instead, your name is added to the passenger list for that trip.
    You check-in at the Park & Ride to find out which bus you are assigned for the trip.

  8. Question: When do we find out what time the bus leaves?
    We call or send an e-mail a few days prior to the trip to give you last minute details.