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30 November, 2019
8525 Fordson Rd, Richmond, VA Join us

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Cancellation Policy

A refund will be given if a reservation is cancelled more than 72 hours before
the trip and only if the reservation was paid for using PayPal (not by check).

Miscellaneous Information

  • NO REAL TICKETS ARE SHIPPED. Your name is simply added to a list.
  • Cost covers bus trip, cups, ice and soft drinks only. It does NOT include game ticket!
  • Buses will depart from the Parham Road Park & Ride located at the corner of Fordson Road and Parham Road (1 block south of I-64 Exit 181). (Map)
  • Buses will load 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • The Richmond Hokie Club reserves the right to cancel if less than 40 people have PAID reservations.
  • All times are subject to change. Check HokieSports.com for the official game times.
  • If you want to be be grouped with other passengers, please let us know in advance of the trip. Otherwise, you might be placed on a different bus.
  • Please write your name on your coolers and other items you plan on bringing with you. It will help in returning items left on the bus.
  • If you decide to cancel your reservation, please notify us as soon as possible. We usually have a waiting list. This will allow us time to contact the people on the list that some seats are available.

Pay by credit card using form above.

Call or e-mail us if you mail the form.
We’ve had problems with the mail not being delivered.
That way we can add you to the list of passengers before a trip sells out.

Make checks payable to:
Richmond Hokie Club

and mail to:

Richmond Hokie Club
2215 Grainmill Court
Richmond, Va. 23233-2744

For additional information:
Send questions via e-mail to:
HokieBus@comcast.net (new e-mail)
– or –
Call: David or Ruth (804-270-7211)


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: When does the bus leave after the game?
    Answer:The bus leaves as soon as all passengers have boarded. We ask that passengers return to the bus immediately after the game.

  2. Question: Can I bring a cooler?
    Answer: Yes. We recommend a small cooler that will fit under the seat for the trip and a larger one that is
    kept under the bus in the luggage area. Use that cooler to restock small cooler.

  3. Question: When do we get on the bus?
    Answer: We prefer that you get *IN* the bus, not on the bus. Seriously, we start loading 30 minutes before departure

  4. Question: What is the refund policy?
    Answer: A refund will be given if a reservation is cancelled more than 72 hours before the trip and only if the
    reservation was paid for using PayPal (not by check).

  5. Question: Can we bring food as well as alcoholic beverages?
    Answer: Yes.

  6. Question: Is there time to tailgate a bit before the game starts?
    Answer: Yes, we try to be at the destination about 2 hours prior to kick-off.

  7. Question: Once I send in the checks, do we get tickets for the bus or just on a list?
    Answer: We don’t issue tickets because you might not get them in time.
    Instead, your name is added to the passenger list for that trip.
    You check-in at the Park & Ride to find out which bus you are assigned for the trip.

  8. Question: When do we find out what time the bus leaves?
    Answer: We call or send an e-mail a few days prior to the trip to give you last minute details.

  9. Question: Where does the bus park at Virginia Tech?
    Answer: The bus parks on Washington Street near the tennis courts. (Map)