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31 December, 2023
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RVA Hokie magnets!

Only $5.00
Width is 5 3/4 inches, Height: 3 7/8 inches
Please select quantity desired:

Feedback from RVA HOKIE magnet buyers

I received them in the mail yesterday and they LOOK GREAT!
Thanks so much for the quick turnaround.

We love them! My husband got them for me and I was so surprised 🙂

Can’t wait to take one of them to work!

I love them!

Love em,
Got one on my car and gave two as gifts to my Hokie son and Hokie daughter.

Giving other one to a long time friend and and Hokie fanatic.

Very cool product.

I’m proudly displaying mine on the back of my vehicle.
My husband just bought a new car and I don’t think he’s put his on yet.

They are great! Any chance they might be in decal form in the near future?


Haven’t put them on my car yet, thanks to all the chemicals, but we love them!!!

Looks great.

I like them. Haven’t seen anything else exactly like them.
Have seen a decal or sticker in maroon/orange with just the letters RVA.
Never could find them nor catch up to a car with one on it.
Hope that the chapter made some money off of these.

Gave them to my daughter and her boyfriend as Christmas presents. They love them.

We love them! Both our daughter and son put them on their cars within seconds of receiving them.
We put another one on our car and have the last one on hold as part of a graduation present
for our daughter’s boyfriend.

I LOVE them!!!! I got one for each person driving in our family and they proudly display them.

Great customer service. They look great too.